The PenTest HackFest and Cyber Range Summit was already the largest gathering of active cyber professionals this Spring. You can try your skills against the full array of professional and other cyber ranges, including Core NetWars Tournament, the Jupiter Rockets Pen Test range, and the BootUp Cyber Fundamentals CTF.
@SANSInstitute #hackfest
June 5 - June 7 2020


This fundamentals CTF was also running during the PenTest Hack Fest and Cyber Range Summit, so I decided to check it out. This was the last of the four SANS CTF events I participated in over May and June. My sense of these games was that they reuse these scenarios and public writeups are unwelcome, so just some highlights for these events...

My binary exploitation still needs lots of work, but my web skills have come a long way since I took that JavaScript course. I'm still fumbling about a bit and referring to my notes often, but I'm starting to get the hang of applied JavaScript. I even managed to exploit a Server-Side Template Injection vulnerability, which was a pretty cool first for me! One area I need to look into, though, is serialisation/deserialisation vulnerabilities. I got part way into one, but failed to exploit it fully.


Final Score: 5993/13493 - 74% Completed
Final Rank: 41/1999