Core NetWars 6

The Core NetWars Tournament is the ultimate cybersecurity range for powering up your skills in a fun, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative environment. The latest and greatest technologies and attack methods that enterprises are exposed to today including web application firewall hardening, multi-factor authentication bypass, and PowerShell challenges.
@SANSNetWars #netwars
May 14 - May 15 2020

Core NetWars 6

As a participant in the Mini NetWars event, I got an invite to my first Core NetWars event, too! This was the second of four SANS CTF events I participated in over May and June. My sense of these games was that they reuse these scenarios and public writeups are unwelcome, so just some highlights for these events...

The Willy Wonka theme was cool, and I made it through one and a half (of four) levels of challenges. The challenges varied quite widely, from regex optimisation and practical encryption to PowerShell brute-forcing and scapy packet creation.


Final Score: 140 - Level 2
Final Rank: 221/557