SANS Global Cyber Ranges Competition

The PenTest HackFest and Cyber Range Summit was already the largest gathering of active cyber professionals this Spring. You can try your skills against the full array of professional and other cyber ranges, including Core NetWars Tournament, the Jupiter Rockets Pen Test range, and the BootUp Cyber Fundamentals CTF.
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June 4 2020

SANS Global Cyber Ranges Competition

As a top 400 finisher in the Mini NetWars event, I qualified for the Global Cyber Ranges Competition, which was a separate instance of their new Jupiter Rockets scenario. This was the third of four SANS CTF events I participated in over May and June. My sense of these games was that they reuse these scenarios and public writeups are unwelcome, so just some highlights for these events...

The scenario was a mock pentesting engagement for the Jupiter Rockets company, starting with some fun OSINT and a pile of enumeration, before exploiting one of those servers. I made it through the external-facing network and onto the internal network, but the short timeframe (only about 5 hours) made it quite challenging. I've been playing some of the Hack the Box and Try Hack Me scenarios, so this is becoming familiar territory.


Final Score: 170 - 33% Completed
Final Rank: 57/354