Sekhmet - Kali's lightweight sister

Sekhmet - a work in progress as I decide what I want to have on it

Sekhmet - Kali's lightweight sister

Sekhmet is a script for automated setup of my personalised version of Kali, based on the bare bones install of Kali. Sekhmet includes only the tools I am using.

Sekhmet on Github


Install bare bones Kali from ISO

Change root password
sudo su; passwd root

On VBox - run Guest Additions
bash ./

On VMWare - install and run VMWare Tools
apt install -y --reinstall open-vm-tools-desktop fuse
reboot -f

Create shared folder with host in hypervisor
On VMWare - see
To mount the shared folder run -> mount-shared-folders

Modify the Sekhmet script with your passphrase in place of ****** for SSH keygen

Copy the Sekhmet script file to root, chmod +x, and run